Nitya Traditional Tex Pvt. Ltd.
Thamel , Kathmandu , Kathmandu
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Basant Kumar Maharjan



Nitya Traditional Tex Pvt. Ltd is a professional, leading and aspiring traditional textile company. Having the experience of 30 years in textile business, the company has developed its own Nepalese Brand "Nitya Wears" as an ultimate output ."Nitya Wears" cover the whole range of traditional ethnic dresses and all sorts of casual wears. Besides its own brand ,it is also manufacture, wholesaler and exporter of 100 percent cotton textiles and garment products.

Being Involved in textile industry for three decades ,it also does weaving and supplying of woolen knitwear products. Besides textiles, garments and woolen products for internal use, it has also started exporting cotton garment products as an attempt to diversify its business scope and take active participation in export business. The company firmly believes that Trade Unites People .It Exports mainly to European countries like Germany, UK, few Asian countries like Japan,Malaysia and other countries as well.

All products are home grown, hand developed in the prestigious Newari commnity. Basically hand looms were used for producing cotton textile ,Dhaka and Jaquard cloths. Later on, to fulfill the market demand, these hand skills in combination with recent technologies were used specially for the production of 100 percent cotton goods which has been the core business of the company. The company has a daily production capacity of 1500 meters that can be used for making national and cultural dresses like daura  suruwal  ,kurtha  ,trousers  ,jackets ,ladies tops ,sari ,bags ,bag packs ,purses and many dozen items.

The company has got its own textile and garment production factory in Lubhu Lalitpur. It has cotton textile outlet at Thamel, Kathmandu and  "Nitya Wears" retailer outlet at Sajha Super Market ,Bhotahity ,Kathmandu. The company product lines are well-suited for children's, youngsters to elderly people from all ethnic backgrounds.People from all walks of life have equally appreciated and loved "Nitya Wears". Nitya Traditional tex Pvt. Ltd. is associated with quality and diverse textile cotton, woolen, Pashmina, Knitwear products for many years. It has been providing employment opportunities to number of local people to help accomplish Governments motto of  "Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis".


Using the best skilled and semi-skilled human resources,cotton textiles in bulk quantity are produced from raw cotton yarns.To reduce the dependency in outsourced works,the company has setup its own processing unit for dyeing,designing,printing and sewingworks.In short, we can say cotton yarn is fed into the machine and fully usable desired product is obtained as an output.

                                                                                                                           Nitya Traditional Tex Pvt. Ltd.

                                                                                                     Manufafacturer,Wholeseller & Exporter of Textile Fabrics 

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